New FND Model

Structure of the Presentation

 1. Brief review of Functional Neurological Disorder

a. Review the concepts of voluntariness, free will, agency; discuss how these concepts relate to Functional Neurological Disorder

b. Discussion of the cognitive processes associated with FND.

c. Integrate findings from research into cognitive changes with FND, new understanding of volunariness and some findings from neurophysiological research. 

2. Development in diagnosis of Functional Neurological DIsorder: functional imaging and cognitive evaluations.

3. New approach to treatment: balance of cognitive bahavioral interventions and neurological rehabilitation. 

At the end of this session participants will be able to:

1. Recognize the characteristics of the new FND model, and how it differs from prior models of related conditions.
2. Understand how the new model may explains related conditions, and functional symptoms associated with structural disorders.
3. Assimilate current evidence in the treatment of patients with Functional Neurological Disorder