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Where you will go for your appointment

We have two offices in the Shoal Point Building. The postal addresses of the building are 19 Dallas Road and 21 Dallas Rd.

Which one you will be seen at depends on the type of appointment we have booked for you. If you are not sure where your appointment will be, please give us a call and we will let you know. You can also check the email you received with your date and it will tell you.

Most Groups Meetings

Functional Seizures Sessions

Speech and Language Pathology

230 - 21 Dallas Rd

This unit is at the corner of Huron and Dallas, entrance through the patio gate.

For Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

101 - 19 Dallas Rd
This unit is on the office side of the building and faces the water. It is at the parking lot level beside the Rhino Boutique.

For Education Sessions

230 - 21 Dallas Rd
This unit is up a set of concrete stairs on the business side of the building. It faces the water. Walk past the Moka House and go up the second set of concrete stairs marked 21. Go in the door on your right and walk to the end of the hall

If you use a mobility device such as a wheelchair or walker or stairs are difficult for you, please ensure that you access the offices from the correct entrance

  • Unit 230: Please access through Shoal Point courtyard (through the arch in the centre of the building), use the East Lobby intercom scroll function to reach Dr. Gheis' name, access the East Tower of the building. Use the elevator to go down to level 2A, where unit 230 is located.
  • Unit 101 - 19 Dallas Road: Access from street level - Fisherman Wharf Parkade


  • Free Parking: up to two hours. Available on Huron Street and on nearby roads in the James Bay area. You may need to talk 5-10 minutes from your car to the office.
  • Paid Parking: $3 an hour Fisherman Wharf parkade, no time limitation.

We will make every effort to see you on time. Please understand that some unexpected events happen through the day which may cause delays. Please ensure that you pay for parking beyond the length of your appointment.

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