About Us

We are an independent non-profit organization striving to enhance the care of patients with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). We also aim to advance knowledge into this condition.

Only very limited services are currently available for people with FND, especially treatment services. We hope to play a role in enriching these services. Our program aims to support patients to receive evidence-informed care.  Advances in neuroscience are indeed giving direction to better FND care, yet patients with this condition continue to receive very little beyond a diagnosis. In 2019, the distinguished neurologist, Mark Edwards, explained that neuroscience is now at an ethical turning point with this condition. The common tendency to diagnose patients with FND then discharge them is no longer enough. There are treatment options for selected patients and a need for follow up. Triage and treatment must follow the diagnosis, Edwards adds. We hope to play a role in supporting triage and treatment services for patients with FND in British Columbia. We invite health providers and healthcare organizations to play their role; to make the right choice at this ethical turning point. 

Edwards M J, Diagnosis is not enough: triage and treatment must follow. Brain 2019; 142: 1856-1857