FND Monthly Rounds in Victoria, January 23, 2020 (Completed - February Round to be announced soon)

Presentation: Directional Phenomena, A Review
Dr. Karen Kit, Neuropsychologist - Lindsay Millala , Registered Psychiatric Nurse
Approximately 2-3 years ago, some diplomats serving in Havana, Cuba, reported uncharacteristic sensory changes and other neurological symptoms. These changes and symptoms were attributed to exposure to auditory and other sensory phenomena. Interest grew in exploring mechanisms of head injury in the context of these directional phenomena. Some attempted to explain these symptoms along the functional model of neurological disorders. We present a brief review of these events, with the following objectives

  • To outline the characteristics of what is now referred to as the “Havana Syndrome”
  • To describe some other historical events which are seen to bear similarity with Havana Syndrome.
  • To present a brief literature update on Havana Syndrome.

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